Would 100 Radio Interviews Help Your Business?

[00:35] Karen Simpson-Hankins’ Conquer Your Closing
[03:26] Karen becomes the 2013 NAPW national professional woman of the year
[04:47] Leads to M3
[05:34] BSP contact info

Hey, guys. Rob Kosberg here with Best Seller Publishing. You can find us online at bestsellerpublishing.org.

I’ve got a riddle for you today. Blank blank book plus blank radio blank plus invitation to blank to blank equals what? Then a little extra. What is M3? I’ll tell you about that in just a second.

I want to start off by talking to you about my client, Karen Simpson-Hankins. Came to us a couple of years ago. She’s in the real estate industry, mortgage consultant, and her desire was to have a book and really grow her publicity, really grow her exposure. She wanted her book to be a bestseller so that it could lead to speaking opportunities, increased leads and business for her mortgage company and real growth.

She came to us with her book, Conquer Your Closing, and we did the launch of her book. Very, very exciting time. Her book actually went to number one in its category. You can find her video testimonial online at bestsellerpublishing.org/testimonials, so you can see what she says in her words about our program.

Some really cool things happened, and I want to share with the riddle. Karen’s bestselling book plus 100 radio interviews. Yes, because of Karen’s bestselling book, over a period of about one year, Karen was interviewed on the radio over 100 times.

Imagine the kind of exposure that that got for her and her business. She was interviewed on radio shows nationwide as well as many radio shows in her local area because of what was going on in the real estate market and because she was the bestselling author of Conquer Your Closing.

Karen’s bestselling book plus 100 radio interviews over a one-year period plus an invitation to speak to 3,000 real estate professionals.

During launch of Karen’s book something really cool happened. This doesn’t always happen, but I got an email from somebody on my list. I have a list of tens of thousands of people that are interested in the books or authors themselves, and they asked, they saw Karen’s book had gone to number one. This was the second or third day of launch, and they wanted Karen to be a speaker at the upcoming Florida Association of Realtors event, where there was going to be over 3,000 realtors there.

They were going to pay Karen a fee as well as travel arrangements and they were going to allow Karen to sell her book and her products, whatever she wanted and keep 100% of what she sold. That’s not typical at all. The amazing thing is she was in front of over 3,000 people in her industry because of her bestselling book.

Karen’s bestselling book plus 100 radio interviews. She had to hustle for that. We teach our clients how to get these radio interviews. I’ll do a blog post probably soon about how to do some of this stuff. Plus invitation to speak to 3,000 realtors. What did that equal for Karen?

Well, something really cool. I want to read this to you and it will flash up on your screen here in just a second. Karen sent me this email a few months after we launched her book and it went to number one.

She says, “Hey, Rob, I had to share some big news. I just got a shocking phone call. I belong to the National Association of Professional Women. It’s a networking and educational organization for women with over 500,000 members. They just called and told me for all my work that I’ve been doing this year …” “work” meaning bestselling book, 100 radio interviews, speaking to 3,000 people … She says, “Because of all the work to educate home buyers and protect their interests, I’ve been selected as the 2013 NAPW (National Professional Woman of the Year) for my industry. Wow. I didn’t see that coming. I will be featured in a full-page article in their national magazine next month and I guess there is going to be media coverage.”

How cool is that? For Karen, a bestselling book plus 100 radio interviews plus an invitation to speak to 3,000 people led to her becoming the National Association of Professional Women Woman of the Year for industry. It led to more media coverage for her, and it led to, maybe even more importantly, to you, because maybe you’re a man and you’re not interested in becoming the National Association of Professional Woman of the Year, but it led to M3, and that’s something that all of us can achieve.

M3 is more money. It is maximum exposure. It is massive lead generation and new customers for your business.

When you have a bestselling book, and we can show you how to get the radio interviews, the speaking engagements, and it leads to this kind of exposure, then the money, the exposure, and the lead generation and new clients come.

I’m Rob Kosberg with Best Seller Publishing. If you’re interested in learning more about our Publish Promote Profit Program … That’s our trademarked program … and how you can be a bestselling author guaranteed, then, hey, come visit us online at bestsellerpublishing.org. You can call us in our corporate office in Pasadena, California. That number is 626-765-9750.

Hey, do me a favor, if this was helpful, share a little bit about what was helpful to you in the comments below. We’d love to connect with you on social media or any other way. Again, I hope that you can achieve this, and if you’re interested in achieving these results, then contact us.

I’m Rob with Best Seller Publishing. Thanks again, and we’ll talk again soon.