Kevin Jackson – A Best Selling Author!

[00:15] Jesus, a bestseller?
[00:46] Kevin outsells Joel Osteen
[01:15] #1 best seller – TV and radio appearances.
[01:38] Publish, Promote, Profit

Hey, Rob Kosberg here with Best Seller Publishing. You can find us online at Don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it, but have you wondered would Jesus have been a best-selling author. Well, I have the answer for you in just a second so stay tuned.

I think we can emphatically say the answer would be yes. You see, we helped our client, Kevin Jackson, to create and promote his book “The Prayer of Jesus” to number one best seller status. In fact, in the first week alone, Kevin’s book was downloaded more than 5,000 times, but listen, that’s not the most exciting part. The most exciting part is that Kevin was out-selling one of his personal heroes, Joel Osteen, with the first week of his book launch. Pretty cool, huh?

Most exciting is what’s happened even in just the first couple of weeks since the launch. See first, Kevin Facebook messaged me and he said, “Rob, my book “The Prayer of Jesus” has been at number one for the last five days. Now, it’s ahead of Joel Osteen. You are a marketing guru sir. Hats off and thank you.”

You see, that resulted in Kevin being asked to be on Good Morning Mississippi and Super Talk Radio in just the first two weeks of his book launch. Imagine as that grows, the number of places that he’ll be promoted, his church and his book, over the next few weeks and months. This is something that you can achieve too with your own best-selling book.

So if you’re interested in learning more about our Publish Promote and Profit program, the same program that Kevin used to create his book, promote it to number one status and now use it to grow his church and grow his presence, his consulting. You can find us online at or you can even call our offices in Pasadena at 626-765-9750.

I’m Rob Kosberg with Best Seller Publishing, thanks for being with me. I’ll talk to you again soon.