How To Become The Hunted On Social Media

[00:42] How do you create a platform that positions your as the hunted?
[01:20] Robert Kiyosaki – gave his book away for free
[02:35] How our facebook funnel looks
[03:07] Terrence Robertson – client example []
[05:23] Thank you page – Very valuable real estate in the digital world
[06:18] How to get that interested person to take the next step
[08:24] How to set up a 1:1 consultation program

Hey, I’m Rob Kosberg with Best Seller Publishing, and I’m the founder of the Publish, Promote, Profit trademark program. From my experience there’s nothing like a best-selling book to help somebody build a platform, position yourself as the hunted so you can stop hunting for clients, and to pre-sell your programs, your services, or your products to clients that really want them and that are raising their hand and saying, “You know what, you’re the expert. I want to deal with you,” in that product or program.

So, the question becomes, once you become a best-selling author, how do you create this platform that positions you as the hunted and that pre-sells your program? I want to share with you one technique in particular that we teach our clients regarding using social media, specifically Facebook. Let me share a couple of thoughts with you on how you, once you become an author and a best-selling author, can then use that book with social media to create an endless flow of leads and new clients coming into your business.

Not long ago, I saw an ad on Facebook for Robert Kiyosaki, one of his New York Times best-selling books, and he was giving it away for free. Though Robert Kiyosaki is certainly a generous soul, he was not giving it away without anything in exchange. He was giving it away for exchange of information, an email address, a name, and perhaps even a little bit more information than that. What Robert was doing was using that New York Times best-selling book of his as the beginning of the funnel. It was an offer for somebody, a little guy there, to raise their hand and to say, “Hey, I am interested.” That’s what a Facebook funnel using a best-selling book can become for you.

Isn’t that beautiful? That’s he’s raising their hand saying that I’m interested.

Let me share with you what a funnel might look like for a best-selling book that you have and what we kind of teach our clients. And by the way, just so you know, we personally, Best Seller Publishing, will spend six figures on Facebook marketing this year because we get a 10 to 15 times return on investment with Facebook marketing. So, if you’re not doing Facebook marketing, I would highly suggest you do it, and there’s nothing more powerful than using that best-selling book as the initial offer to get people interested.

Here’s how it might look, and here’s a little bit of how our Facebook funnel looks. It all starts with your ad. This is your News Feed ad. Okay? What we suggest, obviously for our clients that have become authors and then we’ve launched the book and made it a best seller, is to offer that best-selling book as the initial, what we would call, lead magnet. Okay?

I want to use a specific example for a client that we’re creating a book for. I have a client named Terrence Robertson, who, Terrence is in New Zealand, and he is a fitness professional. He owns a company called Iron Evolution, and Terrence’s book is called Iron Evolution: How to Achieve Strength, Health, and Vitality at Any Age. The book’s not out yet. It’s still due out probably in the next couple of months. But Terrence, I want to use you as an example. So, anybody in the fitness industry, this would work, and any industry really you’re in, you just have to use these same ideas with of course what matches for your particular industry.

Let’s say that Terrence is giving away his book, Iron Evolution: How to Achieve Strength, Health, and Vitality at Any Age. He has his best-selling book here with his little best-selling status, and he has a simple ad here that says something like, “Get my free book Iron Evolution: How to Achieve these things, and learn the five biggest mistakes that people make when trying to achieve strength, health, and vitality at any age.

Someone comes across that, maybe someone like myself. I turned 50 this year, so I just started working out with a personal trainer. I’m trying to achieve some goals, trying to achieve strength, health, and vitality at my age. Right? So, I come across this or someone does and says, “You know, that’s interesting. It’s a best-selling book. This guy’s the expert, and you know I’m interested in learning a little bit more.” So, I click on this ad. It then takes me to a landing page.

The landing page has one thing, and only one thing, that you can do on it. It has a copy, perhaps image, of his best-selling book. It has a headline, and the headline is completely congruent with the ad. The headline might say, “Hi, I’m Terrence Robertson. Get a copy of my best-selling book, Iron Evolution: How to Achieve Strength, Health, and Vitality at Any Age. All you need to do is leave your email address, and I will send you digital copy of my free best-selling book.”

I say, “You know what, I’m interested in that,” and I become this guy. I raise my hand and say, “You know what, I’m going to put my email address in because I want the digital copy of that book.” That then goes to the thank-you page.
Now, what a lot of people do, and the big mistake that people do on the thank you page, is simply say, “Hey, thanks so much. Now check your email and it’s in your email.” That’s a big mistake. This is really valuable real estate in the digital world. Here’s why. I’ve just seen the ad, and I’ve said, “You know what, this is me.” I’ve raised my hand and said, “I’m interested in what you have to offer.” I’ve clicked it, and I’ve put my email address in. I am the most interested I will ever be in this thing. Okay? At that very moment.

So, the idea that you would send them just to your email inbox, where there are a hundred other messages, maybe from marketers or people that are vying for their attention is a mistake. You need to do something with this thank-you page that offers tremendous value and then gets that person, that very interested person, to take the next step.

What we recommend is for our clients to do a simple video. Okay? This video would be something along the lines of Terrence, the best-selling author of this book, now offering some additional information. It might be a video of Terrence saying, “Hi. Thanks so much for requesting my best-selling book for free, Iron Evolution: How to Achieve Strength, Health, and Vitality at Any Age. What I’d like to do is I’d like to share with you the number one mistake that people make when trying to achieve strength, health, and vitality at any age.” Then, he explains in two or three minutes that number one mistake that people make, something that is really valuable to this person, me, that’s raised my hand and says I’m interested.

At the end of offering tremendous content-

So, let’s go back. Someone’s raised their hand, they put their email address in. I’m getting a free book. I’m now getting a video so I can personally connect with Terrence. I’m learning a little bit more. I’m getting all this valuable information. At the end of that, Terrence would say something like, depending on what he’s interested in doing or selling, is he would offer the next step for that client.

Now, the next step could be a number of things. The next step could be a simple product that is being offered. That product could be a $27 CD or a $97 DVD course. Something that literally the next click for that interested party can just click, put their credit card information in, and buy. Something that is low price.

What we do, which is different, is we offer a one-to-one consultation. We call it a strategy session. What Terrence could do, if he were advertising this locally as an example, is he could have his video, he could give tremendous content, give them the best-selling book, which positions him, and this funnel then takes them to the next step, which is, “Hey, if you’re interested in gaining strength, health, and vitality, and you’ve seen value in what I’ve offered, then here’s what I’d like to do. I’d like to offer you a 15-minute consult with me where we can discuss the two or three things that you can begin doing to increase your strength, health, and vitality immediately. All you need to do, and there’s no cost for this, all you need to do is click the button.”

So, a button would be right below here for the strategy session or consult. “Just click that button, fill out a short survey to tell me a little bit about yourself, and then you’ll automatically be redirected to an appointment setter. We use You can click than and then set an appointment.”

What this does for a percentage of people is it’s going to get them into that one-on-one conversation, so that they can see if there is a fit for them to take the next step with them. That might be a personal training program. That might be some type of Skype coaching. Whatever it is, this is more of a high-priced product. This could be $1,000. It could even be as much as $15,000. And yes, you can take somebody that you’ve never talked to or met before, that raises their hands because of a best-selling book, down a funnel like this, and produce $15,000 sales on the very first conversation.

Again, just to recap, a best-selling book is the most powerful way to create your platform, position yourself as the hunted, and pre-sell your products, your services, your consulting. But how do you do it? You need to take them down a path. The book starts that path. You can give it away for free, just like Robert Kiyosaki does. It takes them down a path to where they give you information exchange, to where they now get engaged with you, learn a little bit more from you in a video, and then have a one-on-one consult that then leads to significant cash for your, for your company, and an impact on somebody’s life that you can change.

This is how you can use your best-selling book to create a great impact in your business. I’m Rob Kosberg with Best Seller Publishing. I hope this was helpful. If it was, do me a favor, leave a comment right below this video. Tell me what was helpful to you. Also, if you have an questions or would like to learn a little bit more, then just ask a question in the comment box and we’ll reply and get that question answered for you.
Thanks so much. Thanks for being with us. Talk to you again next week.