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PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: If you have not yet signed up for KDP or CreateSpace, follow the directions carefully before filling out the FORM BELOW.

Please note that you MUST set up financial information for each site. This is not done at registration, so you will have to register for an account and then go back into the account to fill out the information needed. We cannot submit any books until the account is properly set up. Instructions below will walk you through the process.


    1. Sign up to KDP
        • https://kdp.amazon.com/ sign up using this link.  Make sure you fill out the information correctly.  They may send you an email to verify your account so use a real email and follow the directions.


      • After you sign up, PLEASE LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT and fill out the payment information.  You can find that if you click the link at the top of the page that says “YOUR NAME ACCOUNT (Steve’s Account) OR you will see yellow highlighted box in the upper right of the page (screenshot below).  Click the UPDATE NOW link in that box.  You need to fill out the TAX and Bank information in order for us to submit a book and have people buy it.


    1. Sign up to Createspace
      • https://www.createspace.com/Signup.jsp  sign up using this link.  Try keeping email, username, password the same as what you used for KDP to eliminate confusion.  They will send you a confirmation email so please be aware and verify your account by following the direction in the Email they send.


  1. Once your account has been verified, sign in.  At the top you will see a menu.  Click on MY ACCOUNT.  A dropdown menu should come up which is where u will see a link that says Royalty Payment Information, click that.  Fill out all the information in this section.  Without this section filled out, we cannot publish your book